The Color Story: Magenta


Magenta. It’s one of the colors your printer screams about needing more of since it is one of the four colors an inkjet printer uses! 😂 Magenta also falls directly in the middle of red and blue on a few color wheels. this should make sense as it is a shade of purple. Take a look at some facts we found and then we will show you our favorite ways magenta is used today!

Magenta fun facts: 

  • It was patented in 1859
  • Originally called fuschine
  • renamed in 1859 after the Battle Of Magenta
  • Magenta is an Italian town in the Lombardy region


#1: Tufted throw pillow

This amazing magenta pillow goes well with any neutral or vibrant-colored sofa. you could easily use it on a grey couch or even a bright yellow one!


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#2: Rugs

Rugs are a great way to bring in a vibrant color without overtaking the whole room. This one below is a perfect example!


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#3: Napkins

When jazzing up your space for a dinner party, think about adding magenta napkins to the mix! It will add an unexpected touch and match well with many other shades.

Photo courtesy of Home Depot



Want to paint an accent wall, a whole room, or a front door magenta? Here are our picks! 

Dulux Magenta Limit

Behr Hot Pink

Glidden Magenta



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