The Color Story: Navy


A little history: Navy blue was initially called “marine blue” and was adopted as the official color for British Royal Navy uniforms worn by officers and sailors from 1748. 


What do we love about navy? It’s dramatic like black, but just a little softer. It can represent authority, empowerment, and confidence. It’s incredibly versatile, fantastic as an accent color, and brilliant all-over color. Pair navy with white for a nautical feel, with earth tones for calmness, or bright shades for sophisticated but FUN!


Here are a few different ways we love to see navy: 



We love that the bottom cabinets in this New Orleans home are navy, especially against the white walls and quartz countertops, exposed brick, and a wood island. The perfect mix of modern, rustic, and warm! It makes me want to cook, well almost…




If you haven’t spent any time perusing Fireclay Tile, you are going to thank us! So many color and style options. We love the NAVY tile options and love that they show them used in different ways. This bathroom has brass fixtures, marble countertops, and a wood vanity. And pictured below is a fireplace we certainly want to gather around. The tiled chimney gives a modern touch but keeps it cozy. Perfection!





Living Room

OOH, LA LA! We love the luxe calmness this navy room with monochromatic drapes exude. The navy lends warmth and richness but doesn’t overpower and lets the green velvet sofa be the star of the show!



Ready to start putting a little navy into your life?

Here are our paint picks:



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