The Color Story: Purple



Purple is often associated with royalty and luxury. It’s said to be the color of fantasy and magic. It’s complex it both calms and stimulates our bodies, it creates balance! Purple is also associated with bravery: Purple Heart.

What do we love about purple? A better question may be what don’t we love about it? It feels luxurious and rich but remains playful and cheerful. It can be soft or bold, the right shade can even make a fantastic neutral.


The proof is in the purple, and here are some ways we love it!



1. Exteriors


2. The Velvet Sofa



3. Wallpaper




Go ahead paint it purple! Here are our favorite shades of purple:

Benjamin Moore French Liliac

Sherwin Williams Kimono Violet

Valspar Purple Davenport

Behr Fanciful


Go ahead let it reign purple!


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