The Color Story: Teal



Blue + Green + white= TEAL

In short basic teal is an equal blend of each color and then you add a little white. To make different shades of teal you adjust your ratios.


A little history…

The name teal comes from a bird, specifically the Eurasian teal— which presents a similarly colored stripe on its head. For Tibetan monks, teal is symbolic of the infinity of the sky and sea, while it is the color of truth and faith for Egyptians.


How does it make us feel?

Teal combines the calming properties of blue with the renewal qualities of green. It represents open communication and clarity of thought. Think tranquility, calm, revitalization, and renewal.


Pair it with…

Teal is versatile it can be subtle or it can be bold! Pair it with a neutral and let it be the star of the show or go orange and have some fun! For a tres chic look, I love teal and gold! And while I may normally steer clear of pairing a color with itself, not the case with teal! I love the look of layering teal on teal so don’t be afraid to go all the way teal. It can be modern, beautiful, and rich!


Teal in Action!


#1: Rug

This rug is a conversation starter! Gives a little roar to the space and infuses teal into the room while not overpowering!

Photo from Jungalow



#2: Backsplash

Take your kitchen from drab to fab with teal subway tile! It really POPS against quartz countertops and looks fantastic paired with brass. Fresh, modern & fun!

Photo from Wayfair



#3:  Outdoor Furniture

We already established teal has calming qualities, so using it outdoors is a natural fit!

Photo from

Teal Paint Color Recs: 

  1. Largo Teal, Benjamin Moore
  2. Capri Teal, Glidden
  3. Gypsy Teal, Valspar 



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