To All the Agents I’ve Loved Before


I’ve been a New Orleans real estate agent for almost 7 years now. However, I’ve worked in the industry a lot longer. I’ve been in an administrative role for a large brokerage and was an assistant to some top agents in New Orleans before going out on my own.


Since I have worked with so many of you over the years, I have seen how good some fellow agents can be.


Beautiful contracts, super organized, on top of their game – these are the agents I would refer my own clients to if I wasn’t in the biz. These agents have excellent communication skills, collaborate without ever wanting anything in return, and just want the real estate industry to be the best it possibly can be.

These types of real estate agents make me want to be better. Hell, they should inspire us all!

This is my love letter to the agents of New Orleans (and elsewhere) who have led, inspired, and made me better at what I do:


Dear Fellow Real Estate Agents:


Hi! It’s me, Leslie! I really hope that business is great and I wish you much success!

I cannot thank you enough for the hard work you put in day in and day out. YOU are the reason this industry is great. YOU are a leader. YOU are brilliant.

Do you mind if I tell you more about the ways you’ve changed my life?


1. Can I show your listing? 

Yep. Sure can! You are accommodating on times. Not only do you make it super easy to show your listings – you make sure that all info is there that one could possibly need. If I have to contact you, then it’s likely my client has the most random question ever OR I’m submitting an offer to you.

If you have to be there for the showing, you always make sure that you give us the extra details that didn’t fit into the MLS that could be a game changer. You know why else you’re the best? Because you give that info and then allow me to show the rest of the house. Fabulous agent, you already know that my client wants to whisper about a paint color and not say it in front of you!


2. What’s the flood zone? Roof age? You know, that pertinent info. 

Superstar. You’ve got this down to a science and I might be convinced that you live there! All those important details, you can rattle them off at a drop of a hat.

I get that sometimes you may need a moment to pull up all that info, but you’ve got it readily available. I cannot thank you enough for always being ready!


3. You’ve prepped before showing my listings. 

When I list a property, I have my clients fill out a homeowner’s sheet that has flood insurance amount, tax amount, average utility bills, etc. Almost any question you have can be answered ahead of time.

You’ve already read them and have that info on hand for your client.

I gotta say thanks for being prepared for the showing!


4. Pristine paperwork and a pre-qual letter! 

Check the boxes on your offers. Fill everything out. Annotate your offers. Send the letter from the lender or proof of funds. Yeah, you’ve done all that plus some.

Seasoned agent, thank you for showing me the way paperwork should be handled. Because when I was a newbie, I learned from watching the very best.

The creme de la creme agents know those forms like the back of their hand. And they showed me that I better know it too!


5. Beautiful marketing.  

WOW! We’re talking professional photos, beautiful videos, and great listing descriptions. Agent friends from across America and Canada have made me a firm believer that every house deserves the best.


6.  You never leave me hanging. 

You beautiful thang. You always reply to me. Even if it’s to let me know that a better response is coming later!

I cannot applaud you enough for showing me the most professional way to interact with other agents.


7. Code of Ethics. 

Please. You basically wrote the book on it.


8. It’s not a battle, it’s a compromise.   

Starting off negotiations and offers being hyper-aggressive does nothing but make everyone defensive. But, you were the one who taught me that!

I will never forget the lady who schooled me on this. She showed me that we were all working towards the same goal and we can be kind to each other while doing so.


9. Your MLS Listings

Your listings are always top-notch. Not because it’s always the fanciest property. But you input accurate, informative, and helpful information.

Amazing agent, you showed me (and other noobs) how listings should be put in!

Your listings let us know if the washer and dryer are included or if there is off-street parking.

Thank you for being so damn good at your job.


10. DAMN. You really do your job well.  

You are proactive. You paid for an elevation certificate. You got an estimate. You called a foundation guy. You filled out the amendment and sent it out for signatures. You did all the things.

There was a very special agent who taught me the skills of being proactive. I’ve been a better agent since then.



Thank you again. 

Truly. When you’re a new agent in this crazy world of real estate, you look up to the agents who are killing it. Not only are you killing it, but you’re doing it with grace, poise, and professionalism.

I know there are hard days, and even months, where real estate can be trying. Please know that even during these times, you have been someone who continues to inspire great things in this crazy industry.


If you think I’m talking about you…

I likely am.


XOXO – Leslie



Here’s a look at where some of my favorite real estate agents live. (Don’t worry – if you don’t see a pin where you live. I’ve got someone there too – in case you need a referral)



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