To-Do List Before Selling Your Home

To-Do List Before Selling Your Home


You’ve decided to sell your New Orleans home. This is a big decision and buyers in our real estate market are much savvier these days. So, New Orleans home seller, you must have your house looking AH-MAZING. Rotting away on the market with no showings is not what your top New Orleans real estate agents want for you! Take our advice and glance at this list below so that your home will be in the best shape possible. Here is our list to-do list before selling your home.



Day 1: Prep your paperwork! Start gathering utility bills, tax bills, warranties, renovation details, etc. Buyers are going to ask a lot of questions, best to have the answers ahead of time.


Day 2: Change lightbulb and update your fixtures! This is a perfect time to make sure all your lightbulbs match and are working.


Day 3: Buy boxes and tape. Think about getting a storage unit if you have a lot of extra stuff.


Day 4: Get an extra set of keys made. Your agent is going to need them. If you have a FOB key for your condo, grab an extra one too.


Day 5: Tackle the bathrooms! Remove all the toiletries that are visible and put them neatly away. Consider investing in some new white towels, a bathmat, and a shower curtain.


Day 6: Spruce up the kitchen! Remove all the extra stuff from the countertops, clean the inside of your appliances, and purge half the stuff from your cabinets.


Day 7: Bedrooms! Get a nice duvet cover for the beds, clear half of the closets out, and invest in some fancy pillows.


Day 8: Dining room. Take the laundry off the table and make it a dining room again. Throw a vase in there with fresh flowers.


Day 9: Living Room. Get some new throw pillows, declutter, hide the wires for the tv and router.


Day 10: Attic. Organize all the Christmas decorations you threw up there – or throw them out of you’re not using them anymore because you forgot about them.


Day 11: Extra closest and storage areas. Buyers are going to open these doors. Start clearing it all out.


Day 12: Store, donate or toss. At this point, you’ve got piles of stuff. Make final decisions on what to do with it.


Day 13: The entrance. Make the first steps in your home a great visual.


Day 14: Depersonalize. Start taking down diplomas, souvenirs, and family photos.


Day 15: Hire a REALTOR. If you haven’t already, this is a perfect time to call and interview some agents. They will likely need a week to prepare marketing and get photos taken.


Day 16: Paint touch-ups and repainting. A fresh coat of paint is one of the easier ways to freshen up your house. Just keep it neutral.


Day 17: Little repairs. You’ve been avoiding them like the plague for months. Time to get it done.


Day 18: Clean the windows. Inside and out.


Day 19: The front yard. Sweep up the dirt, rake the leaves, touch up the paint on the front door, throw some seasonal plants out front.


Day 20: The Backyard. Clean up the garden, paint the deck, trim the trees.


Day 21: Clean the carpets. Or pay someone to do it.


Day 22: Floors! Get a furniture pen to fix any scratches.


Day 23: Walls & doors. Get a magic eraser and get to work! Get those fingerprints and scuffs off!


Day 24: The Final Clean. Baseboard, light fixtures, fans, appliances. Clean it all.


Day 25: Make plans for the pets. It’s best to not have them around for any showings.


Day 26: Make plans for the kids. You will need to hide the diaper genie and their toys.


Day 27: Make sure your house smells good. Get some candles or lightly scented plug-ins. Nothing too heavy though.


Day 28: Pre-Listing Home Inspection. It’s not fun hearing things are wrong with your house, but better you know ahead of time than find out during inspections.


Day 29: Professional Photos. Now that everything is done, let’s get photos taken while the house looks it best.


Day 30: The final once over. Look around. Enjoy your hard work. Now is there anything else that a buyer might notice. If not, walk away and let it be!


Don’t let this list intimidate you. We can get all of these things done fairly quickly. If you’re in the market to sell, it’s best to hire a REALTOR early on to help guide you. We may have an additional to-do list for you!


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