Top 10 Things to Know when Moving to NOLA

Things to know when moving to NOLA


As the saying goes, “You don’t choose New Orleans. New Orleans chooses you.” When the Big Easy beckons – you may not be aware of certain aspects since you haven’t lived here year-round. Here are Team Be New Orleans’ Top Ten Things to know when moving to NOLA.


NOLA Moving Tip #1: Potential landlords are not the best here. 

New Orleans has some terrible slumlords. Not returning deposits, not caring if your AC doesn’t work in July, and letting ceilings collapse with no intention to fix them are some of the many issues tenants have dealt with. I’m sure these problems exist elsewhere, but New Orleanians feel like they have it the worst. Be forewarned and google your landlord’s name ahead of time.


NOLA Moving Tip #2: BUGS. 

Insects are in any climate and location. The Crescent City would like to introduce you to some really interesting ones. We have flying roaches, swarming termites, stinging caterpillars, and fire ants. Sorry. There is nothing you can do about it. Hire a good bug man and pray.


NOLA Moving Tip #3: Pet-Friendly City! 

NOLA loves their pets! There are many bars that allow you to bring your pooches with you. Not only that, but it’s fairly easy to find a rental that will allow your pet too. Be prepared for a pet deposit though.


NOLA Moving Tip #4: Crime can be anywhere.

 While some cities have crime quarantined to particular areas with specific boundaries – New Orleans crime can be anywhere. Be mindful. Keep your wits about you. Use your noggin.


NOLA Moving Tip #5: Smoker Friendly.

While you can’t smoke inside restaurants and bars anymore – a large number of residents in New Orleans still smoke cigarettes. Don’t be shocked when you are on a patio, or standing outside, that many folks are lighting up.


NOLA Moving Tip #6: You can eat healthily. 

Despite what you are told, you can find many healthy options in The City that Care Forgot. Vegan, Vegetarian, and just plain ‘ol good for you – all those options exist. Don’t let all the fried food fool you.


NOLA Moving Tip #7: Public Transportation. 

The RTA is running at a much better rate than it ever has before. You can grab the bus on a semi-regular schedule. Don’t ever bank on the streetcar as a reliable way to get to work. It’s filled to the brim with tourists and will make you angry if you’re hoping to get somewhere quickly.


NOLA Moving Tip #8: Bike lanes are new. 

New Orleanians are not accustomed to these yet. So, my warning to you is, be careful in them. Also, we are not the most pedestrian-friendly city. Your city may stop for people in crosswalks – New Orleans folks do not. I would love to see that change. However, until then, be careful and don’t walk into moving traffic. (Editors note: plenty of New Orleans residents only travel by bike or foot.)


NOLA Moving Tip #9: Bars are open past 2 am. 

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We are a late-night city. Some even stay open 24 hours. Don’t act a fool. If you know it’s time to go home – go home. When people move to New Orleans, this is always shocking to them. PRO TIP: NO glass on the streets. Get a go-cup.


NOLA Moving Tip #10: New Orleans will say hello. 

We ALL say hello. Say hello back. It’s not weird. It’s our thing. Don’t be rude and just ask how your neighbor is doing today. Of all the things to know when moving to NOLA – this might be the most important.


Making the decision to move to New Orleans probably didn’t take much thought. It’s pretty awesome here. Be New Orleans welcomes you and we hope to help you navigate the one-way streets of our crazy town.


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