Top 5 Problems During Home Inspections

Problems during Home inspections


When it comes to home inspections, every house has deficiencies. No house is perfect – even a newly constructed one! So, we encourage home buyers to not freak out about every small item. And on the other side, we remind home sellers that someone is being paid to uncover every single problem. Let’s run through the top 5 problems during home inspections!


#1 Home Inspection Problem: Old Termite Damage

Almost EVERY. SINGLE. HOUSE. in New Orleans has some old termite damage. For real.

If you’re wondering how we deal with this – it depends! Sometimes this damage is just superficial and isn’t structurally compromising the house. Other times, we need some pretty major repairs to correct the issue.

Whether we need a contractor or a structural engineer, we will have your back!


#2 Home Inspection Problem: Missing GFCIs

What is a GFCI? It’s a ground fault circuit interrupter. But, in laymen’s terms – it prevents you from getting electrocuted. In another explanation you can understand, you know the outlets that have the reset buttons? Those are GFCIs.

Why would these be missing? Because they weren’t always required to pass the electrical code standards.

When this issue arises during home inspections, we always ask for these to be installed. It’s truly a safety concern. (If you pay an electrician, they are $75/each. If you’re handy, you can do it for about $25/each.)


Missing GFCI


#3 Home Inspection Problem: Dirty HVAC & Furnace

The dirty AC and furnace are so common that we are almost tempted to ask for it when we write the contract!

If you’re curious as to why this comes up so often, it’s because many people don’t keep up with this home maintenance piece as often as they should.

As a home seller, you should have your units cleaned AT LEAST once a year – but preferably twice.



HVAC issues


#4 Home Inspection Problem: Inadequate Roof Ventilation

You might be scratching your head and wondering why, or even how, this is a thing.

When I tell you this is a common deficiency found, I mean that we find it in new builds and we find it in 100-year-old homes.

Whether it’s missing ridge vents, baffles, or soffit vents – it’s likely your going to need some additional ventilation. Sellers are typically not going to agree to add them because they’ve gone all this time without them.

The reason you need more ventilation is to extend the life of your roof. But, let me remind you, 30-year roofs in New Orleans do not last that long. If you get around 20 years out of your roof, you’re doing pretty good!


#5 Home Inspection Problem: Plumbing Issues

Whether it’s a line that needs to be water-jetted (think grease build-up) or a leaky sink – we are bound to see at least one plumbing problem.

Most of the plumbing issues that arise are fairly common and easy to fix. When we run into main sewage line breaks, that’s when we have bigger problems.

To make you feel a little better, I personally had a break in a sewage line when I purchased my home. The repair was $1400. Not too bad in the grand scheme of things!



From outlets to bugs, no house will escape inspections unscathed! Just remember that you have hired your Realtor to give great advice on how to proceed with these common problems during home inspections. With our years of experience, a great home inspector, and quotes from a professional – you can move forward with confidence!


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