I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Dance troupes add that extra touch of magic to Mardi Gras. They interact with the crowd. They can make a whole section of  the parade route bust out into a dance party. A lot of groups now have signature items they pass out. These groups bring flair to your day.


You can take all my beads, all my cups, all the plush items – but don’t take my dancers away. Here is a glimpse at 3 more troupes that are shaking what their mama gave them.


The Sirens of New Orleans

Photos Credit: Carlos Pasos


Formed in 2010, The Sirens of New Orleans are a marching krewe that services the community with hands on philanthropic activities and fundraising. Through parading and performance, they strive to embody the spirit, beauty, and pageantry of carnival year round. From head to toe, and all aspects of production, they make sure to give everyone the full mermaid experience when you see us perform.

So, why did they choose the name? “We love mermaids and the magestic mythology they represent. Luring Sailors with our Siren song, in our case our Siren dance.”

Be sweet to them and may even grab one of their signature items – a glittered Message in a Bottle that have unique messages inside. No 2 bottles are alike! You will find these fabulous ladies in d’Etat, Cleopatra, & Nyx.

A tip of the hat to them, as they have raised over $11,000 this season for local charities.


Merry Antoinettes

Photo credit: Austyn Marie Captures


On the newer side of groups, they formed in 2015 & their first Mardi gras was 2016. They have no costume requirements and they inspire each other to go bigger and bigger, costume after costume – creating unique themes, creative throws, and a scandalous atmosphere. While, they only march in Krewe Delusion, you can find them at many charitable events throughout the year. The Antoinettes are thrilled that revelers seem to not want generic throws any more, but gravitate towards the smaller, locally made items. Their signature item is a decorated fan. And since these Merries are the celebration version of Marie Antoinette, they throw cake – sometimes cookies, macaroons and other sweets!

Some stand out Merry costumes include themes like cotton candy, macaroons, cheetah print, costumes decked head to toe in flowers, “bloody” Merrys.  One Merry built a gnome home in her wig, one is covered in feathers, one in mirrors, and the list goes on and on. 


Star Steppin’ Cosmonaughties

Photo credit: Bryce Elle


The Cosmonaughties burst into this universe in 2011, when members of Krewe de Lune decided to put together a flash mob dance team a mere two weeks before Mardi Gras. Flash forward to current day – their style is sassy and intergalactic. They do not have matching costumes and each Cosmonaughty creates their unique look in the space approved colors of blue, black, & silver.

They are known for their high energy moves & cohesive choreography. (Editor’s Note: They are some of the best dancers on the parade route!) The Cosmonaughties parade with Krewe de Lune Revelers who are an exterrestial parade unit featuring cosmic hula-hooping, giant puppetry, & interstellar artistry.

You can find these “Celestial bodies in Motion” dancing in Nyx & Pygmalion!


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