What Every New Homeowner Needs

What every new homeowner needs


Yay! You just bought your house! Now, what the hell do you need?!

I was one of those people that totally forgot about a hose – until I was standing there with muddy pups and needing a hose to clean them off. 

Team Be New Orleans has crowdsourced their previous clients to find out what the MUST HAVE items are before moving into your new home!



Item #1: A Home warranty

Some of our past clients will swear by their home warranty. It never fails that something will break after you buy the house. A home warranty policy can bring out a professional, with a small trade fee of typically $100, to repair any appliances, small plumbing leaks, your HVAC, and other things. Check your home warranty policy to see what it covers. 

If you weren’t able to get one from the seller, you can always purchase your own! 



Item #2: A small tool kit

Head over to Mike’s Hardware, Ace, or even Lowe’s to start assembling a small tool kit for yourself. Don’t forget a hammer, screwdrivers, nails, pliers, level, tape measurer, duct tape, a roll of painter’s tape, thumbtacks, bungee cords, and a drain snake.

Many of our people said they would strongly suggest an extension cord too. (Like the big heavy-duty orange ones) 

To go a step further, some of our clients are adamant that you get a cordless drill. I know it’s saved my butt a time or two! 



Item #3: AC filters & Lightbulbs

These two items were deemed mandatory as soon as you buy your house. They even have an online service that will send you a new air filter right to your door! 

We all know the inconvenience of lights going out and not having a spare lightbulb around the house. Go grab a few packs and store them in a closet for emergencies. 

On the same note, if you have very tall ceilings, make sure to buy one of the light bulb grabbers to help with getting them in and out. 



Item #4: Ladder

We all know in New Orleans, you’re bound to have some tall ceilings. If you have 12-foot ceilings, then a 9-foot ladder won’t cut it. Either pick up an adjustable one or make sure you buy the proper size for your space. 

On the topic of ladders, a step stool comes in handy more often than not. It’s one of the most used items in my house! 



Item #5: Window coverings or curtains

Not all homes will have the window treatments left behind. You don’t want the first night spent in your new home with all the neighbors being able to peek in. 

Grab some paper blinds to cover the windows, at the very least. 



Item #6: Lawnmower and lawn equipment

If you’ve moved from an apartment that you never had to worry about lawn work – let us warn you ahead of time! You need a lawnmower and edger at the bare minimum. We always suggest heavy hedge trimmers too. (if you have bushes around the property)

If you don’t want to cut your own lawn – hire someone! We have recommendations. 



Item #7: Shower curtain rod

After a long day of moving and unpacking, all you may want is a hot shower. It’s gonna be difficult not to get water everywhere without a shower curtain rod and shower curtain.

Put these up before you start any of the unpacking. You will thank yourself later! 



Item #8: Fire extinguisher

Many clients chimed in and said “fire extinguisher”!

It made me realize I didn’t have one for my house! Go grab one from your local hardware store for those unexpected emergencies. 

Speaking of fire, get fire detectors put into every bedroom while you’re at it. The local fire dept will come out and install them for FREE! 



Item #9: Plunger

When you need it, you need it. Just grab one while you’re at Lowe’s getting everything else on this list. 



Item #10: Water heater leak detector

I didn’t even know this existed until people mentioned it. Some are fairly inexpensive and it could save you from a messy situation! 



Item #11: Insect spray

Whether it’s a wasp or an outdoor roach – have the spray handy. 




Item #12: Hooks and/or wire for hanging pictures

You’re going to spend more time than you realize hanging your art up. If you need hooks or wire for hanging pictures – some local frame shops will provide it for free in hopes of getting your business later on.

Frames, Inc. in Algiers confirmed they will offer these items for free! (just don’t forget about them when it comes time to get your artwork framed!)



Items 13 and beyond: 

All the lagniappe items:

  • felt pads for your furniture
  • doorstoppers to prevent holes in the walls 
  • termite contract 
  • pest control company
  • flashlights + batteries (especially for your smoke detectors)
  • a binder to put all your warranties and upgrade info in 
  • stickers on the windows for firemen to see you have pets
  • garbage can
  • carbon monoxide detector 
  • spackle
  • stud finder
  • gorilla glue
  • water key
  • right kind of floor cleaner
  • saw for tree branches
  • ax for your attic (cause you never know)
  • the number for a handyman


Let’s go find your new home! Text us! 


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