What Not to Say to Your First Time Homebuyer Friend

What Not to Say to Your First Time Homebuyer Friend


Hey there, friend of a person buying a house! So, your BFF is about to take the plunge into the wild world of real estate, and you, being the awesome pal you are, want to offer some pearls of wisdom.


But, just like a delicate soufflé, there are some things you definitely shouldn’t stir into the mix. Let’s dive into the “what not to say” handbook for friends of first-time homebuyers.



1. “Are you sure you can afford this?”

Ah, the classic budget buzzkill. Nobody wants to feel like they’re shopping in the dollar store while house hunting. (Also, your friend has likely already chatted with a lender. Which is why they are looking at this house!)  Instead of playing the role of financial investigator, try sprinkling a dash of optimism. How about, “I can already picture the epic housewarming party in your new place – can’t wait!”




2. “This market is insane right now. Maybe you should wait?”

Timing is everything, right? But rain on their parade much?

Rather than pouring cold water on their dreams, try something like, “You’re diving in when the market is as hot as a jalapeño; talk about making a splash!” (and even if the market isn’t insane, we will guess they have decided this is the right time for them!)




3. “Have you considered [insert unsolicited advice]?”

We all have that one friend who’s suddenly a real estate guru. Save the unsolicited advice for the experts, folks!

Instead of bombarding them with your “wisdom,” how about a more supportive, “I’m here for you, whether you need a sounding board or just someone to celebrate with when you find the one.”




4. “My cousin’s friend’s sister bought in the same neighborhood and regrets it.”

Way to instill confidence, right? Negative anecdotes have no place in this house-hunting adventure.

Try a more uplifting spin: “Every home journey is unique; you’re crafting your own story here. Plus, I bet your story involves fewer regrets and more laughter!”

Even better – say nothing at all! 


What Not to Say in real estate


5. “How much is the down payment? Oh, that’s a lot!”

Money talk can be awkward but don’t make it cringe-worthy. Instead of focusing on the cost, lighten the mood with, “Who knew adulting came with so many zeroes, right? But seriously, your dream home is worth every penny!”




6. “You’ll probably change your mind after a year or two.”

Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence! Don’t plant seeds of doubt. Go for a more supportive, “Your taste is as timeless as a classic movie – this home is going to be your blockbuster hit!”




7. “Why aren’t you considering [insert alternative location]?”

We all have that one friend who thinks they’re the unofficial mayor of Everywhereville. Respect your friend’s choices and refrain from the “why not here” game.

Try this instead: “Choosing a location is like picking the perfect avocado – it’s a personal thing, and you’ve got great taste!”



Remember, dear friends, your role is to be the cheerleader, not the critic. So, put on your pom-poms, break out the confetti, and get ready to celebrate because your friend is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – homeownership! 🏡✨



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