What to do Before Looking at Houses

what to do before looking at houses


If you’re a first-time homebuyer or just a noob to New Orleans, we have suggestions of what to do BEFORE looking at houses to buy.


Get to know the neighborhoods.

It’s one thing to see a house online that looks Pinterest perfect – but do you like the area? Is the house next door a burned-down squatter house? Do you even like this neighborhood?

The best advice we give people is to drive around neighborhoods in the morning, evenings, weekends, and all times to get a feel for it. It’s is really loud at night, and you prefer somewhere more docile? Is it desolate in the evenings, and you want more people around and porch sitting?

All of these things matter, and you should know the area you’re investing in.



Get pre-approved

Before we even look at a  house, we need to get you pre-approved. Talk to one of our favorite local lenders so we can determine a budget before stepping foot in a house. There is nothing worse than thinking you can afford $600k and finding out your budget is actually $400k.



Go to the coffee shops.

Coffee shops will tell you who lives in an area. Are people friendly, or do they keep more to themselves? Neither of these is right or wrong – but it’s nice to see who lives nearby. If the neighbors all seem much younger than you, are you wool with that too? Coffee shops tell a lot about a neighborhood so start exploring!




Ask your friends

See why your friends love where they live and if it would be a good fit for you.




Do you know what your dealbreakers are? Try and figure some of those out ahead of time. This way, you won’t look at houses that you would never want to live in. Most dealbreakers are not having central AC, carpet, and shotgun layouts.



Your daily life

I know you love some houses and areas – but are you ok with the traveling you may have to do to get your job. Think about where you’re going to buy and your daily routine. Not what you like to do – but what you HAVE to do. Getting to work, grocery shopping, etc. Does this fit your lifestyle?



Let’s talk shop before we look at houses. Tell us all your hopes, dreams, desires, wants, must-haves, and dealbreakers!


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