What to look for in a neighborhood

Written by: Melissa Willis


For some people, any house will do. There is no attachment to the neighborhood, the neighbors, or anything else. For others, especially here in New Orleans, the neighborhood is a BIG deal, certain specifications must be met, and the house-hunting process can be a long one. Let’s talk about what to look for in a neighborhood.


Either way, it helps to know what you’re walking or moving into. Here are a few things to look for when considering the location for the biggest purchase of your life:


#1. To and Fro

Access to your future home: how many ways can you get into the neighborhood and how many ways can you get out? This is important for weather purposes in our area. Also, if you’re a person who likes to entertain, is the house easy to find or will it take multiple maps and a giant X on the front lawn?


#2. What’s the neighborhood really like?

How’s the neighborhood and, more specifically, the block that might be yours? Have you checked it out during all hours of the day and night? How’s the parking situation? Is the neighborhood quiet at midnight on a Thursday or do your future neighbors like to whoop it up? I have a friend who moved onto a block where everyone participates in “Front Porch Fridays.” When this monthly event happens, all the neighbors on the block go outside and hang out while sharing snacks and drinks. It’s his worst nightmare. Obviously, other people love it. That can make a difference to folks who keep to themselves.


#3. The Gossip

Have a chat with a few neighbors to get the scoop on the neighborhood. There’s a chance your REALTOR® knows some of the neighbors, he/she may be their real estate agent, too. There’s always one neighborhood busybody….er… well-informed person……who can give you the latest news on everyone. Is there a neighbor who is constantly reported for noise violations and/or another who never cuts his grass? Is there a great babysitter or pet sitter on your block?  Maybe there is a great tutor down the street for your child who struggles with math. Talk to the neighbors.


#4. The Feels

Most importantly, take note of how you feel in the neighborhood. Do you feel “at home?” Do you feel like you could stay there for the next 15 years? Go with your gut but do your homework first.



There’s a really good chance your REALTOR® can help with all of this but it’s important to have all the intel as well. Do your homework and have some fun when deciding what to look for in a neighborhood. We’re always here to help.


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