What’s cooler than being cool? Ice cold!

Y’all. It’s hot outside. Like real hot. And we haven’t even hit July yet. I ventured out to find 4 ways to keep cool this summer, beyond the obvious of finding a pool and never leaving it. I brought along my husband, Mr. Paul. We will affectionally call him MP for now on.


#1. When we headed out, I knew immediately we had to head to my old stomping grounds for a snoball.


Van’s snoballs has been in Algiers for as long as I can remember. (Their Facebook page says since 1976!) We used to ride our bikes up there as kids almost every summer day. Van’s now offer other snacks and ice cream to go along with their classic snoballs. MP got a nectar cream. Which, IMO, is the worst flavor of snoballs ever.  The classic lime flavored I enjoyed was divine.


#2. New Orleans Museum of Modern Art

Bring a shawl, y’all! It feels goooood in there, but I know some who might complain it’s too cold. This is the perfect setting for getting out of the sweltering heat and humidity. There is plenty of AC for everyone. Currently there are many local artists (or those who have made New Orleans their home) being displayed in NOMA too.  Closed on Monday, but LA residents get in for free on Wednesdays!

Piece made of fabric, thread, and paint by Gina Phillips.


#3. You scream, I scream, We all scream for ICE CREAM!!

Banana split at Creole Creamery. Uptown, New Orleans.

I took MP down to Creole Creamery to try some ice cream for us. (I have a dairy allergy that prevents me from indulging. Sad face.) Let me say this, I have never been there when there wasn’t a line. Or a child yelling. Or a college kid wanting to try every flavor. Even with all that nonsense, it’s worth it. (When I used to partake in dairy deliciousness, I remember it being heavenly.) Don’t forget they are cash only!


#4. The Country Club.

Yes, they do have a pool for you to dip your toe in, but I am adding it to the list because they have a badass AC there.

It was packed, they were on a wait, AND I opted for a Bloody Mary to see if I could break a sweat in there. Didn’t happen. They have now received my full endorsement for a place to keep it cool. Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.


There are plenty of hotel and NORDC pools that will let you take a dip. These are just some other ways to beat the heat. Have another suggestion? Send it over!


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