When can I move in?

When can I move in?


Team Be New Orleans sells a lot of New Orleans homes. So, we get a lot of questions when it comes to home buying – especially about when you can move into the house.

“When can I move in?”

The answer: After the act of sale


When you start planning your move and scheduling the movers to come – book them for the date of your closing. Once we are finished signing all the paperwork to make the house officially yours, you then receive the house keys!


How do we determine the closing day?

When your New Orleans real estate agent writes up your offer – we negotiate when your closing date is. We typically choose a date anywhere from 30-45 days from the day we write the contract.


Sooooo – is the closing date my move-in date? 

It could be! The closing day is the date that you sign all the paperwork that makes you the new owner of the home. Whether or not you choose to move that day, or not, is up to you!



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