When is it time to move?

when is it time to move


When is it time to move? That is the question.

I’m sure the thought of moving is just forming a little headache right now. For most people, moving is on their list of things that never want to do again. But, sometimes, we have to rip the band-aid off, get some moving boxes, and start our next journey in life.

To move or not to move? Here’s the most common reason our clients decide to start packing:


Moving Reason #1: We are getting married. 

You found Mister or Misses Right! Congrats! Well, that doesn’t mean they want to spend happily ever after in your 650 square foot apartment. You’re likely going to want a new space. You know, not the one that you’ve been living in for years before they came along.

We’ve had clients close on their new home just days before they said: “I do.” Don’t be afraid of wedding planning and buying a home. We’ve got your back.


Moving Reason #2: We’re pregnant! (or adopting!)

Y’all! That is so exciting! You’re picking out names, registering for gifts, and ….. WAIT A SECOND! WHERE IS THE BABY GOING TO SLEEP?!

Yeah. This child definitely needs a room of their own.

Our advice, Don’t wait till you are 9 months along to figure out that you need more space. Let’s figure this out beforehand so when your bundle of joy gets here – you’ll be stress-free in your new home.


Moving Reason #3: I want more dogs! 

Does this seem crazy? Well, it’s the reason one of your favorite New Orleans real estate agents purchased their home.

Not everyone wants children – some of us just want space for a growing brood of fur-kids. Staying in your teeny apartment with no yard is just not an option if you want more animals. Also, having to ask a landlord’s permission every time and then paying another pet deposit is a hassle. They could tell you no!

You know who makes that decision when you own the home – it’s you. AND ONLY YOU!

Let’s find you a yard so you can adopt another dog!


Moving Reason #4: All the kids are gone. 

Your kids are all grown up. They flew the coop and now you’ve got a 2500 square foot house. Who’s going to keep this house clean and maintained? Who wants to climb up and down those stairs anymore? It seems like a lot of homes for just one or two people.

Maybe it’s time to downsize.

We can find you a New Orleans home that’s smaller, easier to take care of, and with an extra room for the grandkids to stay. It doesn’t have to be the size of the White House to entertain.


Moving Reason #5: Going to travel the world

Has your wanderlust side decided it’s time to travel the globe? Before you sell all your worldly possessions and get a one-way ticket to Argentina, we have to sell this New Orleans house! We can even offer to sell the house furnished if it makes your life a tad bit easier!


Moving Reason #6: Career Change 

Your job has given you the opportunity of a lifetime. BUT! This great promotion comes with a very big move. Don’t worry. We can help you sell your New Orleans home and help you find the right REALTOR® for you wherever you may move.


If it’s time to talk about moving – drop us a line below! or Text us right now! 


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