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Learning another language is something many people consider, but don’t always make the next move because they don’t know who offers it or where to go! Lucky for you, I have been craving to learn Spanish beyond Selena lyrics finally. Duolingo is an excellent app for memorizing new words – but I’m looking for that classroom feel. I don’t know about you, but I always learn better in a classroom. If you’ve been yearning for the same, here is where to learn a foreign language in New Orleans.



Casa de España

With Spanish lessons in the Marigny, Uptown, and online, Casa de España is one of the best in the city. They offer 8-week courses at $395 that range from a beginner to a more advanced Spanish speaker. If you’re unsure what level to begin at, their website offers a level test to see where you should start! Private lessons are also available.

If you need translation or interpretation services, Casa de España offers that as well! They also provide notarized and certified translations for all legal purposes too.



Vamanos NOLA

Vamanos NOLA is one of the premier options for teaching your child Spanish. While they also offer adult conversation classes – they are more widely known for their after-school programs and holiday camps.

If you’re looking for something for your child to do during Winter break, Thanksgiving break, Mardi Gras, etc., Vamanos NOLA camps are a great option! Campers from ages 5 – 10 are immersed in learning Spanish while spending the entire day at camp. These programs always fill up quickly – so head to their site to get signed up ASAP!



Delgado Community College

Whether you want to learn Spanish or French, Delgado Community College provides you with both options. Classes are offered for those looking for personal development and not looking to obtain a degree from the school too!




Alliance Française of New Orleans

Offering small immersion classes and online options, Alliance Française comes highly recommended by Francophones across the city. Even if you’re already a French speaker but have no one to practice with, they host weekly conversational classes for intermediate and advanced speakers.

Don’t forget to check their cultural calendar on their website for other events in French too. These include book club and movie nights!



L’Union Française

As one of the oldest Franco-Louisiana organizations, this non-profit has been around almost 150 years! They are dedicated to preserving the French language, New Orleans, and Louisiana culture.

In-person, online, and hybrid options are available for their French classes. Their sessions range from complete beginner to almost native speaker.

The icing on the cake is that L’Union offers WAY MORE than just learning to speak French. They also host book clubs, cinema classes, French pastries, culinary skills, and literature, song, and culture classes. This school is your one-stop-shop for all things French!




New Orleans Sign Language Services

New Orleans Sign Language Services offers FREE classes to learn ASL. (Donations are always accepted, though!) 

More than just classes – they also offer workshops, mentoring, professional development, EIPA testing, interpreters, and internships.

If you’re starting from scratch and just wanting to learn, sign up for a class via the New Orleans Sign Language Services website today!



New Orleans Deaf Church

Today (11/2021), the New Orleans Deaf Church offers classes exclusively online via Zoom. Sessions start every Monday at 6:45 pm and range from beginner to intern level. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] to be placed in the correct class.

Classes are free for the hearing, D/deaf, students, friends and family of the deaf, people who want to learn sign language, and professionals serving the deaf.



New Orleans Japanese Lessons

Only offering online classes, New Orleans Japanese Lessons is recommended by the Japan Society of New Orleans.

Whether you’re looking to learn Japanese for travel purposes or looking to pass the Japanese language proficiency exams, these sessions cover a wide range of offerings.




The Academy of Chinese Studies in New Orleans

Since 1977, the Academy of Chinese studies has been the most prominent Chinese school in the area. They have 17 language teachers who teach all levels of Chinese, and they are located in Newcomb Hall at Tulane University.




New Orleans Russian Community Center

The New Orleans Russian community Center is offering individual, online lessons for $60/month. There is no registration fee, and there is ongoing monthly enrollment.

If you need to learn Russian for business purposes, you will be taught financial terms, industry terms, legal and economic terms. Negotiation etiquette and the specifics of doing business in Russian-speaking countries are all included in this immersive course. These are $85/month.


Be New Orleans could not find any classes in the metro area for Portuguese, Arabic, or Hindi. If you know of any, please message us!




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