Who Pays for Home Inspections?

who pays for home inspections


Home buying for the first time can be overwhelming and filled with many questions. “Who pays for home inspections?” is one we came across recently. We wanted to make sure all of our future home buyers know who is taking care of this expense!



Who pays for home inspections?

The home buyer pays for home inspections! As the home buyer, you pay professionals to inspect all the nooks and crannies and inform you of everything they find. They will put it into a report and send it over to you. These reports can be anywhere from 30-100 pages long. (though I have seen longer ones too!)

This report belongs to you, the home buyer. You do not have to provide this report to the home seller unless you ask for repairs or credits. However, you do not need to share this information if you decide to cancel the contract. Again, you have paid for it, and it belongs to only you.



What about the termite/wood-destroying insect inspection? 

Normally, this inspection is also paid for by the home buyer. But, it’s important to note if the buyer is using a VA loan, they are not allowed to pay for this inspection.

They will normally ask the seller to provide this inspection in this situation. Sometimes, the real estate agent will pay for it, too.



And the video pipe inspection? 

The home buyer also pays for this inspection (some cities call it a sewer scope).



Does a home seller ever pay for inspections? 

Normally, a home seller never pays for a buyer’s inspection. There are times that a home seller will get pre-listing inspections that will offer a buyer insight into the property before they make an offer.

Even if we get a copy of these inspections on the front end, we always encourage our home buyers to get their own inspections completed. It’s always best to bring out your own pro to check the house. Many times, we find items that were missed on another report. (because home inspectors are human and sometimes miss things!)



While home inspections can be stressful, you want to be well-informed. That information costs money, and you will need some stored away to pay for this necessity.



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