Why are they selling their home?

Why are they selling their home


At every open house you New Orleans real estate agents host, there is always someone who asks “Why are they selling their home?” 


The real question is – Why do you want to know?


If they are selling because it’s too much work for them, you’re going to see the house needs repairs.

If they are selling because the monthly note is too much for them, their agent is not going to tell you that.

If you’re asking because you want to know if something is wrong with the house, then ask for the disclosures. Those will tell you all the issues with the house.

If they are downsizing, does that change how you feel about the house?

If they are moving out of town, does it make you feel better?


No good real estate agent is going to tell you their client’s motivation for moving. It wouldn’t bode well for our sellers if every time we said, “They are desperate to move because they can’t afford it anymore!”


Here’s the real question – what reason would make you less interested in the house? 

If it’s a matter of house condition, trust your real estate professional to help you find a house in the condition you want.


We know why you want to know. 

Every one asks because they are hoping for the answer that will give them a leg up in negotiations. Or an answer that would lead you to believe that you can low-ball the sellers. We get it. Heck, we even ask other agents why they are selling!


Also, sometimes people just want to move. 

People like to move to other areas, or leave the state, or get something bigger, or get something smaller. Maybe they just want a change of scenery.


Here’s the deal.

Don’t let this answer stop you from buying a house that you love. So, to truly answer “why are they selling their home?” – who cares! Buy the house if you love it!


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