Why Should I Buy A House?

why should i buy a house


Deciding to buy a home is already a big step. But, have you thought, “WHY should I buy a home?”

This is a personal question that only you can come to a conclusion on. However, we can offer some insight into why you should buy a home!



#1: Equity

Generally speaking, homes generally increase in value every year, even by a low percentage rate. Getting into homeownership, even at a very modest budget, can help leverage into something pricier down the line. Many people start small and then use the equity in their home to buy the next house and so on.



#2: Landlord can’t sell the house from under you

We have heard this story a million times – a client comes to us and says they have been renting the same home forever. The landlord has sold the property out of the blue, and the new owner wants them OUT.

What can they do about it? Unfortunately, they have no option but to find another place.

One of the most beautiful things about owning your home is that no landlord can increase your rent or decide to renew your lease. This home is all yours!



#3: Building Wealth

Many people use their first home as a jumping-off point to buy more properties and turn them into rentals.

How do they do that? They turn their first home into a rental property and buy another one to live in. They live there for a few years and then turn that one into a rental – and it just keeps going.

Going back to equity… You can even use that equity in your current home to help you buy rental properties. Rental income can be a great way to make passive income and create generational wealth within your family.




We can list more reasons, but we feel like these are the top ones you should consider getting out of the rat race of renting and putting some roots down! “Why should I buy a house?” The better question is, why haven’t you done this yet?




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