Why you want a versatile real estate agent

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One of the things agents love to tout is that they are an “expert” in a specific neighborhood. Now, I’m not calling them a liar. Living in a particular area full-time should mean that you’re hip to the goings-on. However, I think that only working in one neighborhood, especially in New Orleans, can pigeon hole yourself. 


Why choose the “non-expert” agent

If you’re working with an experienced agent, they have likely sold homes all across the city and not just this one neighborhood. How is that an advantage? Well, if you’re not finding what you’re looking for, then your agent likely knows other neighborhoods that may fit your needs. 




Look outside of the box.

If your neighborhood has only one agent representing all the buyers and all the sellers – how fair do you think that is to your bottom line? (Also, dual agency usually leads to the most lawsuits in Real estate)

You’re going to want an agent who works across the New Orleans metro area. We have enticed many buyers into looking in neighborhoods they never expected to be in. We have helped sellers sell faster in areas with longer days on the market because we like to get creative.



They have seen it all. And some.

Real estate agents familiar with many different facets of New Orleans have likely seen more than the agents who won’t leave a 6 block radius. The versatile agent has an opportunity to come across new challenges and be ready to head them off for your house sale.



You don’t have to use who your mama used.

Look, I’m sure your parent’s part-time agent is lovely. But, in this market, you need someone full-time, well versed in what is going on, and on top of their game.

If they won’t write an offer when you need it or be ready to show a house on the fly – then what is going on? The world of real estate is fast-paced and ever-changing. Use who you think is the right fit for you. 



Interview these agents

Talk to a few agents and see how y’all gel. This is a BIG deal and should be treated as such. If we don’t think we are the right agents for you, we have no problem letting you know. We want you to have the very best experience. And if we aren’t a good fit – we can refer you to someone who will be! 



Versatile agents know how to get creative.

Between bidding wars and creative contract writing – a versatile agent who works across New Orleans has all the necessary tools in their toolkit to help get you that house. 



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