Month: April 2018

Love to Luvi, Baby

  I can’t even lie to you, when I saw the sign for Luvi pop up on Tchoupitoulas, I thought it was a yoga studio. (Shout out to my coworker Jennifer for knowing it was a place to eat!) Luvi Restaurant, in the New Orleans Riverside neighborhood, is “traditional Shanghai cuisine with a punch of… Read more »


Appreciate the Admin

  Administrative Professional’s Day is this Wednesday – April 25th, 2018. Many of us work in offices, labs, etc. where you can find that one person who is holding down the fort. Whether it’s keeping you on task, assisting with huge projects, or even answering all those calls – we all have an admin we… Read more »


Paws-itvely Purr-fect

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 is National Pet Day! Whether your pet is a pupper, sweet baby kitty, bunny, or a bird – let’s take a moment to celebrate these animals that bring us so much joy! Here are some of our favorite places in the city that are all about our fluffy beasts we love… Read more »