Paws-itvely Purr-fect

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018, is National Pet Day! Whether your pet is a pupper, sweet baby kitty, bunny, or a bird – let’s take a moment to celebrate these animals that bring us so much joy! Here are some of our favorite places in the city that are all about the fluffy beasts we love so much.


Bel-Air Pet Care


Kristy & the crew at Bel-Air Pet Care are the ONLY people allowed to touch my pups. Every time we walk in the door to her shop, my pups are beyond thrilled to see her and love on her. She is truly the animal whisperer. They groom dogs and cats of every size and have plenty of treats and accessories for sale too. Bel-Air Pet Care just moved locations as well. You can now find them in front of Harold’s Plants on St. Claude.

Be forewarned: When you become friends with Kristy, she will “con” you into rescue dogs she has found. That’s how I got my baby boys.



Photos from: Petcetera Instagram


Petcetera, over in the Garden District, makes cakes for your animals! That’s all you need to know. Order one immediately!

Well, there is a little more to them than just cakes. They make other delicacies for your pets too. Petcetera also offers to groom, sells toys made by local artisans, and even has in-store pet photography. If your a more hands-on pet owner but don’t want to mess up your bathroom at home, you can come in for a self-serve bath station starting at only $12.




If you have a big heart and want to help out some furry friends on National Pet Day, drop off your extra blankets and sheets at ARNO on 271 Plauche Street. Animal Rescue New Orleans does a lot of good work helping animals, and they are in constant need of supplies. This is one easy way to help out.




Photo from LASPCA website


If you want to scoop up an animal to come home with you on National Pet Day, I highly recommend LASPCA. Unfortunately, they are a shelter that has to put animals down. While this may make tears spring to your eyes, you can help prevent this by rescuing one! Even if you want to foster, this option is available.




Let me add; there are many amazing rescue organizations in the city. In fact, there are too many to name. Please get your pets spayed or neutered. Give them all the love in the world because the truth is, we barely deserve them.


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