2019 New Orleans Home Sale Stats


As full-time real estate agents in New Orleans, people love asking us “How’s the market?!” Which always leaves us answering back with “Depends on what market you’re talking about!” 

It’s so true though. If you’re asking about condos – we need to know what part of the city. If you’re asking about new construction – depends on the quality and what neighborhood too. New Orleans has so many micro-markets that it’s impossible to answer this question with one blanket statement.

Team Be New Orleans pulled the numbers for 2019 though and we are giving you the rundown on our micro-markets!


New Orleans Sales 2019

As a whole, New Orleans has 4666 sales for single-family and multi-family homes. This number also includes condos.

The lowest sale was $20k and the highest sale was $6.9 million.

Out of the 4666 sales, 3078 were single-family homes sold. 624 sales were condos. Multi-family homes covered 897 of those sales.

We had 479 pieces of vacant land sold in New Orleans for 2019.


Single-family Home Stats 2019

The highest sale was in the French Quarter and lowest sale was located in Holy Cross.


New Orleans Single-family home stats 2019



Condo Stats 2019

The lowest condo sale was $35k and in Algiers. The highest sale was $2,350,044 and located in the Audubon neighborhood.

The French Quarter acquired the most amount of sales.


New Orleans Condo Stats 2019



Multi-family Home Sales

The highest multi-family home sale was in Algiers – it was a very large apartment complex. The lowest sale was located in Central City.

The least amount of sales came from the Audubon neighborhood.


Multi-family home sales 2019



Vacant Land Sales

The highest sale for vacant land was in the Lakewood neighborhood. The lowest sale can be found in Algiers. The sale in the graphic for $100 was part of a larger sale and not the true sales price.

Gentilly had the most vacant land sales compared to all of New Orleans’ neighborhoods.


Vacant Land Sales 2019



The Suburb Stats


Metairie had 1316 single-family home sales. 


Metairie Home Sales 2019



Gretna had 303 single-family home sale in 2019. 


Gretna single-family home sales 2019



There were 76 single-family home sales in Arabi. 


Arabi single-family home sales 2019



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