Month: October 2019

365 New Orleans: Electric Girls

365 New Orleans is proud to feature local artists, businesses, and non-profits in the city and surrounding metro area.    Electric Girls is a local New Orleans non-profit dedicated to increasing girls’ confidence and capabilities by engaging them through STEM (science, math, engineering, & mathematics). By cultivating curiosity, kindness, and perseverance in our classrooms, the… Read more »


3 Great Reasons to Get Organized & Stay That Way

Written by: Melissa Willis   Getting organized is often part of the top ten New Year’s Resolutions and/or it appears on many goal lists at any time of year. For some folks, it happens naturally; others, it’s a never-ending battle where the clutter typically wins. Then there are people who clutter doesn’t cause any internal… Read more »


Halloween Costuming: 2019

written by: Marigold Pascual   Halloween Costume Shopping in City Known for Costuming   After an enduring summer which finally seems to have an end in sight, we New Orleanians turn our sights to cooler nights and costumes.  October kicks off festival season for us, and Halloween is the harbinger of costume season.  In a… Read more »