New Orleans Rentals: What to Expect

New Orleans Rentals


If you’re new to the New Orleans rental market, you might be in for a surprise.

For starters, rent in New Orleans is not as cheap as it used to be. Back in 2002, many New Orleanians can remember paying $400/month for HUGE apartments. Welp. Those days are long gone and even finding something at $700/month can prove to be very difficult. If you’re wondering why it’s because outsiders found out about us and started flocking to New Orleans.



New Orleans homes are historically grand. Due to their size, a large swath of them have been chopped up and turned into apartments. Noteworthy, what was never done to them was proper insulation. You’re going to find out very quickly that they tend to be warm in the summer and not-so-warm during New Orleans “winter”. Due to this, go ahead and invest in a fan and space heater.

If you’re expecting to find a place that is energy-efficient… I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it will prove to be very difficult.



Outdoor roaches that fly are a thing here in New Orleans. They are called palmetto bugs and they are terrifying. I’ve been here my whole life and still haven’t gotten over it. Between that, mice, and everything else in between – it might be worth investing in pest control. This would be an expense you would have to incur but extremely worthwhile.



New Orleans is filled with slumlords. These absentee landlords who never fix anything and let you live with major defects in your apartment are everywhere across the city. They typically own tons of rental units and just want their money and no fuss from you. Google your potential landlord’s name to see what comes up. Sadly, many of these landlords are also New Orleans real estate agents, too.


Window Units

Central air conditioning is not a given and isn’t that common in New Orleans rental units. Similarly, having central air in an apartment that is poorly insulated is a huge waste of money too. Due to the lack of insulation, electric bills tend to be sky high and your place will always be hot. Don’t get turned off by window units – they just might be the better option for the apartment.


Apartment Credit & Background Checks

Yep. Even if they are a terrible landlord, they will likely still run a credit and background check. It’s a part of the rental world.


If you’re tired of paying someone else’s mortgage and you’re ready to pay your own, you might be shocked by options that are out there and/or that you can actually get pre-approved for a home loan. Let’s chat about your options so that you can get out of the New Orleans rental game.


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