3 Great Reasons to Get Organized & Stay That Way

Written by: Melissa Willis


Getting organized is often part of the top ten New Year’s Resolutions and/or it appears on many goal lists at any time of year. For some folks, it happens naturally; others, it’s a never-ending battle where the clutter typically wins. Then there are people who clutter doesn’t cause any internal issues; others, it’s a source of great stress and anxiety.

Wait. Aren’t we talking real estate here? That is correct. Keep reading, you’ll see the connection.


Really great reason #1

Whether you love to entertain or you rarely have people over, consider this: if an old friend or a family member showed up, unannounced, would you be embarrassed by the condition of your home. Do you often have to say, “Excuse the mess?” Would you have to “clear a space” if two people showed up and wanted to sit down? This is not about perfection, it’s about progress. Remember, you’ve got options.

Living by yourself and scared to tackle it? First of all, you can hire help!  If you really don’t want to do it, pay someone who will.

Rather, you live with other people, enlist the help of everyone who lives in the space. This doesn’t have to be a one-person event. Even more, if others share your space, you may want to hire help as well. Cleaning and organizing can suck up a lot of time that could be spent elsewhere.

Keep this in mind: maintaining an organized space is infinitely easier than the initial “big clean up.” Finally, studies have shown that a clutter-free space has a direct link to a “clutter-free” mind. Food for thought, but another great reason to get organized! 



Really great reason #2

Life is full of all kinds of events both planned and unplanned, happy and devastating. There are dozens of reasons that could prompt a move and having an organized space will definitely make that a less daunting task.  Because job transfers happen fast. Divorces happen. Adding multiple kids or other family members to your space can also happen quickly.

Furthermore, look at what just happened in Orleans parish. Many people are considering moving as the property taxes are no longer manageable.

The point is life moves quickly. If you had to move, would you prefer to pack up and go OR spend a few weeks purging all the crap in the house and slowing down the process?

Above all, most realtors will advise that a clean, organized space will get much more interest than a space that is unkempt and uncared for.



Really great reason #3

What will you leave behind? No one wants to think about this one at all but it is a fact of life. Haven’t we all heard those stories where an aging family member passes and the remaining family members are left with days or weeks of work to do because the person who passed was a clutter-bug or worse, a hoarder? How do you want to prepare for a time where people will be in your house, looking through your stuff? People could also be in your house for other reasons when you’re not there. Think car accident with a trip to the ER and you have to send someone to grab your toiletries – this is truly a great reason to get organized.


Another way to say all this is to stay ready so you don’t have to GET ready.


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