Month: October 2021

3 Condos Near Audubon Park: 10/2021

  Living near Audubon Park is a dream of many New Orleans residents, and wanna-be residents. Whether the home prices in the surrounding area are too hefty or a single-family home isn’t your thing – there are always condo options! Here are our favorite three condos for sale (as of 10/22/21) near Audubon Park:  … Read more »


Showing Etiquette for Homebuyers

  When it comes time for you, the homebuyer, to start looking at homes – you should keep in mind etiquette when visiting other people’s houses! From shoe removal to your kids, there are unspoken rules of home showings. Please take a moment to read through our list BEFORE we go and look at potential… Read more »


Halloween Activities 2021

  The witching season is upon us! While you’re buying all the fun-size Snickers and decorating the yard with ghosts and skeletons – check out all the other activities we found for kids and grown-ups! Some of these are outside of New Orleans, but they were too good not to mention!     Pumpkin Patches… Read more »