Showing Etiquette for Homebuyers

Showing Etiquette


When it comes time for you, the homebuyer, to start looking at homes – you should keep in mind etiquette when visiting other people’s houses! From shoe removal to your kids, there are unspoken rules of home showings. Please take a moment to read through our list BEFORE we go and look at potential new homes! 



Showing Etiquette #1: Leave your pets at home

I am sure that your dog is the very best behaved girl in the whole wide world! However, we aren’t testing those waters today! Unless you have a service animal that NEEDS to be with you, there is absolutely no reason to bring Fido to a home showing. 

The current homeowners could have allergies, your pet may smell theirs and want to mark their territory, or your pup could escape in a neighborhood they’re unfamiliar with. Let’s reduce the chances of issues and leave your pets at home! 



Showing Etiquette #2: Don’t open their dressers

While we understand that looking at home involves opening cabinets and closets – it should not concern you opening anyone’s dresser drawers! That is the seller’s personal belongings that will not be remaining with the home. 

The best rule of thumb is not to open up anything that isn’t pertinent to the house sale. This includes opening and/or digging through nightstands, tv stands, bookcases, safes, etc.; you would be shocked at how nosy people can get! Don’t be that person! 



Showing Etiquette #3: Take your muddy shoes off

You are not required to take off your shoes at every house (unless the seller has requested that we do). But, if it’s raining outside and you have mud on your shoes – do the right thing and leave your shoes at the door. 

You wouldn’t want anyone tracking mud through your house, so let’s not do it to others! 



corral the kids


Showing Etiquette #4: Corral the kids

Kids will be kids! Nevertheless, when viewing someone else’s private home, you should either hold your kids or keep a sharp eye on them. We have seen children mark on walls, break things, and terrorize cats in the house. 

Let’s not put ourselves in a situation where we will need to pay for something to be fixed! For many of our clients, getting a babysitter for a couple of hours alleviates the stress of watching kids while trying to find a house you love. 



Showing Etiquette #5: Don’t sit on the furniture

Y’all. Get off these people’s furniture. We don’t even have to elaborate any more than that. 




Showing Etiquette #6: Save the potty breaks

Unless it’s an emergency, save the potty breaks for a coffee shop in between showings. Especially these days with COVID, more and more sellers are requesting that NOTHING is touched in their house. 

We want to add that we know sometimes using the restroom can’t be avoided, but we always try to remain respectful of the seller’s space! (Also, we 100% had a client who clogged a toilet. It’s not a fun call to have to make!)



Showing Etiquette #7: Don’t tack on more houses

Your real estate agent has lined up showings and blocked out the time for their day for the home showings you requested. We know how exciting it is to look at homes, and everyone gets caught up in the process!

However, you can’t ask your agent to show you every house you drive past while seeing other homes. They likely have other appointments afterward, and most houses need advance notice to be shown anyhow. Make a mental note of the address and tell your real estate agent that you want more info about it! 



leave the entourage at homes


Showing Etiquette #8: Leave the entourage at home

Unless your BFF Snooki is buying the house with you, you really should leave your crew of friends at home. Trust us; you’re going to want to explore the place and form your own opinions first! 

This same rule also goes for leaving your parents out of the first round of showings as well. While they have the best of intentions, sometimes parents will unintentionally spoil your day. [RELATED READING: Why your parents will ruin homebuying]



We want you to have the very best experience while looking at homes. Some of these tips will lead to a much better experience for everyone involved! 



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