Top 5 House Wish List Items Fall 2021


Team Be New Orleans meets with A LOT of homebuyers every year. We sit down and talk about wants, needs, must-haves, dealbreakers, and… THE WISH LIST. 

We ask our clients, “If money was no object, tell us what your dream home would have.” These are the top five things we hear that homebuyers want in today’s current market. 



#1 Wish List Item: Multiple Bathrooms

It is infrequent for us to meet with a homebuyer who tells us they don’t care if the house only has one bathroom. Almost every buyer we encounter needs a minimum of one and a half bathrooms. Bonus points if there is an ensuite bathroom to the primary bedroom. (However, buyers need to keep in mind that during the time that most houses were built in New Orleans, that wasn’t a thing.)

Does this mean your one bathroom home won’t sell? No, it doesn’t. But it does reinforce everything we tell about bathrooms adding value to your home! 





#2 Wish List Item: Outdoor Space

Unless our client is buying a condo, 99% of our clients have asked for yard space. 

Some say they are happy with a patch of grass and a place to put a grill. Others request large, fenced yards for their dogs. But the verdict is in, and people want to have their own outdoor oasis, no matter the size! 



#3 Wish List Item: Garage

100% of our transplant clients say they want a garage. And for many of them, it’s a dealbreaker item. However, our people who live in New Orleans know that finding a garage can be a challenge! 

We aren’t saying that you can’t get a garage. But, we are suggesting that you will likely need to venture to the suburbs if you NEED that garage. 




#4 Wish List Item: Storage

In these modern times, we as people have too much crap. Because of this, everyone wants and needs storage space! 

As your real estate agents, we are going to look high and low for you. But, don’t be mad because houses built 50-100 years ago just weren’t made that way – with tons of closets and storage space. We suggest getting your attic decked to provide extra storage, getting a shed built in your yard, or renting a storage unit. 




#5 Wish List Item: Updated Kitchen

Behind yard space, an updated kitchen is the most commonly requested item we get from our potential home buyers. Buyers do not want to buy a house and immediately have to drop thousands upgrading or repairing a kitchen. (though, buying someone else’s renovation means you pay more…)

We know that getting a shiny, brand-new kitchen may be on your wish list, but getting to pick out your own backsplash, sink, appliances, and colors can be fun too! 



Now the ball is in your court – what are your top 5 wish list items in a new home? 




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