Hot ‘Hoods: September Edition

Hot Neighborhoods of New Orleans


Check out what the hottest neighborhoods in New Orleans are for September 2019. (Scroll down for the text version!)





Here is the rundown of the hottest New Orleans neighborhoods, from your favorite New Orleans real estate agents, in September 2019:


What do these hot neighborhoods tell us about the real estate market?


New Orleans East is traditionally the front runner for the $100k and below price range. It is a more affordable area to purchase in. Furthermore, they have more blighted properties to purchase and renovate.

St. Claude: this hot neighborhood has been creeping into top sales more recently for that $100-$200k price range. It’s a great area to check out to find cute cottages!

The Garden District and Audubon regularly compete for the top spot in the $750k to $1M range.  If you’re looking for luxury real estate in New Orleans, either one of these neighborhoods will fit the bill.

Lakeview is always one of New Orleans’ hottest neighborhoods – it’s just a matter of what price point we are talking about! Whether you want to spend $400k or more, this New Orleans neighborhood has it all.

The current hottest neighborhoods in New Orleans, according to these real estate agents, are Carrollton and Touro. With the upcoming French immersion school in Carrollton, we think the time to buy is NOW. It’s primed up and ready to spike in value when that school is complete.  What’s awesome about the Touro neighborhood (and why it’s hot!) is that prices across the city have come down.


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