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New Orleans Music Playlists


Y’all – it ain’t New Orleans if there isn’t some music blasting somewhere. Whether it’s the house on Tchoup that has bubble machines and loud tunes, a dive bar on the corner in the Bywater, live music at Le Bon Temps, or in your car cruising down Claiborne – New Orleanians LOVE them some music.

To keep you from having to search all over Spotify, Team Be New Orleans has created some fun playlists for you!



Porch sitting playlist


Playlist #1: Porch Sitting

Lord knows we all love porch sitting in New Orleans. It’s for catching a breeze and passing a good time. Porch sitting music should be easy listening and makes you tap your toes.

From Anders Osborne to The Neville Brothers – our Porch Sitting Playlist is gonna make your heart sing.



New Orleans Rap & Bounce Music


Playlist #2: New Orleans Bounce/Hype Music

As a native New Orleanian, I have an affinity for New Orleans bounce music. There is something about hearing DJ Jubilee coming on and yelling “STOP PAUSE”! You will also catch Hot Boys and Sissy Nobby on this list. (Big Freedia was not added because she deserves her own damn list!)

I could not contain the list to just bounce though, as New Orleans has some phenomenal rappers. 90’s to early aughts New Orleans rap is what I live for. Big Tymers, U.N.L.V, and Lady Red always got me hyped as I was getting ready to go out.

The Be New Orleans Bounce/Hype playlist is for people who grew up here and might have been to a sock hop at Karr too. (Go Cougars!)



mardi gras playlist

Photo by Sander Dalhuisen


Playlist #3: Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is a sacred and special time in New Orleans. You will catch parade-goers doing the Wobble with on-duty police officers. Not only do we share king cake and Popeye’s with new friends – New Orleanians share their dance space.

Mardi Gras music ranges from Fats Domino, Galactic, The Meters, and Choppa. The Be New Orleans Mardi Gras playlist will have you line dancing and busting loose from St. Charles to Orleans.


Stay tuned for more playlists as the mood strikes us! 



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