5 Ways New Orleans is Different

5 ways New Orleans is different


New Orleans is different. New Orleans is not your average American city. In the words of Sheryl Crow, “This ain’t no disco, this ain’t no country club either.” Now the way that lyric should have been finished was “ This is New Orleans, baaaaaybee.”

New Orleans is not going to be for everyone – which is totally fine for the natives and those who have chosen to make it home. Here are some of the ways New Orleans just hits different.



#1: Porch sitting

You will find your neighbors out sitting on their porch and holding court. Or they are just sitting there to watch the cars go by. Maybe they are porch sitting and enjoying a cocktail. New Orleanians are on their porch for various reasons, and it’s not uncommon to get invited over to pass the time. You might even find a front porch concert going on.

Our advice, embrace it and get out on your porch. Play some music, turn on a bubble machine, and pass your own good time.




#2: Everyone says hello

I don’t care if you’re from NYC or L.A.  – we say hello here in the N.O. No one is trying to get you; it’s a polite thing we do when passing by someone. Always make sure you say hello if you see people out on their porch do. It would be rude not to.



#3: The neutral ground

Some people have shallow opinions of areas you see groups hanging out on the neutral ground with old fold-out chairs. This is a common scene in many New Orleans neighborhoods. Quit gawking and mind your business.

People do this for a variety of reasons. You might see a group playing dominos, checkers, or chess under a tree. They might just get more shade on the neutral ground than on their porch. For some, this is their own way of catching up on the neighborhood gossip.

Quit assuming it’s all terrible and leave people be!




#4: We call people baby

Yep. We call other people “baby” here. Women say it to other women; men say it to other men. We say it to children and even our pets. It’s just what we do. No one is being offensive.



#5: We go slow

This is a blessing and a curse of New Orleans. Many people take their sweet time getting where they need to go or getting things done. While this can drive me insane many days, it can also make me appreciate the small moments, and not everything in life needs to be rushed.



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