Best Neighborhoods to Buy a Home in New Orleans

Best Neighborhoods to Buy a Home in New Orleans


What are the best neighborhoods to buy a home in New Orleans?


I can’t answer that question as your New Orleans real estate agent. What does “best” mean to you? Does it mean safe? Does it mean fun? Let’s get more specific when it comes to what you mean!

Let’s flip the script and ask some different questions. 



What are the most walkable neighborhoods in New Orleans?

Most would probably consider the Lower Garden District, Garden District, Bywater, Irish Channel, and French Quarter. I say this because of the walkability to food, bars, shops, and grocery stores.



What are the quietest neighborhoods in New Orleans?

The residents in Holy Cross, Broadmoor, Algiers, Gentilly, & Lakeview would probably all claim that.



What are the friendliest neighborhoods in New Orleans?

I refuse to answer that question because we all think our neighborhood is better than the other ones.



What New Orleans neighborhood do the college kids live in?

Mostly in East Carrollton, Black Pearl, and parts of Audubon.



What New Orleans neighborhood has the most families?

All of them. New Orleans loves their family!



What New Orleans neighborhood has the most expensive houses?

Audubon. They consistently have the highest sales numbers.



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