Home Buying Tips for the Irish Channel


The Irish Channel is a highly sought-after and desirable neighborhood in New Orleans. Whether you are new to town or just considering moving locales, we will help you weigh out the pros and cons of home buying in the Irish Channel!



Most streets are worth the same.

Being closer to Magazine Street is a big deal to some people. However, we are not seeing buyers willing to pay more to be a block closer. (Well, you will always find one! But the stats don’t show it’s consistent.)

Being on a busier street like Washington, Jackson, or Louisiana, though, could hurt you when it’s time to sell. Many home buyers shy away from streets with lots of traffic. Again, this is not a hard and fast rule in the Irish Channel. Lots of buyers want the location and will take what they can get.



Old & New

While you may be on the hunt for a 120-year-old double shotgun, we have plenty of home buyers who would prefer something newer. The Irish Channel does have new construction splattered throughout, including newer condos and townhouses.



Walk It Out

If you love being on foot, then you will have tons of stuff at your fingertips. From amazing restaurants, local dive bars, bakeries, shops, and more – the Irish Channel doesn’t lack in options.



Irish Channel homes For Sale New Orleans


What’s the LOVE about the Irish Channel: 

  • As we mentioned, the walkability. Lots of residents rely on bikes and their own two feet.
  • The Irish Channel Parade – it’s pretty infamous.
  • Plenty of historic single & double shotguns homes
  • Victorian millwork is plentiful.
  • Neighborhood Park
  • The location. The neighborhood sits higher than other areas since it’s close to the river.



Cons of Living in the Irish Channel:

  • Porch pirates. Packages are frequently stolen from your front porch.
  • Parking. There isn’t a lot of it. The closer to Magazine St, the sparser it is!
  • The lack of space between houses. This is a dense neighborhood & your home will sit very close to the one next door.
  • Little yard space. These houses are situated on smaller lots!



Irish Channel by the numbers:



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