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During the 2020 pandemic, we saw people make major life moves. Not only did they pack up their homes and start selling – but they are venturing across the country for whole new lives.


Team Be New Orleans has helped many sellers leave for places like Iowa, California, Illinois, and North Carolina this past year. We have also seen a rush of people wanting to move here from New York, New Jersey, and California.

No matter where you live – it might be a good idea to move to New Orleans.





#1: We don’t have winter

Like, for real. We do not have a *real* winter at all. It maybe gets to freezing temps every other year, and it typically only lasts a few days. Being born and raised here, I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve seen “snow.” For you out of towners who know real snow – you would laugh at what we have.

None of us own real jackets, except the folks who have on a parka when it hits 50 degrees.



#2: The food

Good god, we have some excellent food here. Be prepared for your freshman 15 when you move down here. It will be hard to hit them all, even after years of living here with so many places to choose from.



#3: Warm weather

On the flip side of no winter, if you love the summer and super warm weather – then we have got you covered! During the summertime, your AC will get a workout. But, if you’re a person who thrives off that, then you’re going to LOVE it here in New Orleans!




#4: Humidity

What? How is this a selling point?! Look around at all the New Orleans natives. It takes a long time for us to start aging because that humidity keeps us looking young forever!



#5: We embrace creativity

Are you an artist or an aspiring musician? New Orleans will wholeheartedly embrace your creative and funky side. This isn’t a place that will judge you for costuming on a random Wednesday or think you’re weird for those crazy paintings you do.



#6: Community

Many of our transplants feel like we are a genuinely community-focused city. We know our neighbors, we drink on your porch, and we take you in.

If you find yourself in a bind, don’t be shocked when your neighbors ban together to care for you.

New Orleans also has community pantries and refrigerators in various parts of the city so that anyone in need of a meal has easy access.



#7: We value living full lives

In many cities, people live to work. New Orleans people get through their job so we can have a good time after hours. This is why things move a bit slower than you’re used to.

Get ready because no one works past 12 on a Friday and during the summer… well, best of luck. Work hours get sporadic, and it can be frustrating for those not used to it.



#8: Architecture

Architecturally we are Afro-Caribbean and European blends, and it’s truly like nowhere else. It’s a bonus that you can wander your block and see stunning homes all around you.


#9: The culture

The vibrant cultural aspect of the city can not be replicated. New Orleans is a small town with an extremely active music and arts scene. There is always something to do or see – even during the pandemic. We had front porch concerts, JAMNOLA came alive, and walking around our beautiful parks will inspire you too.



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