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New Orleans Home Inspections

  After you have an accepted offer on your New Orleans home, it’s time for home inspections. Home inspections are likely going to be the most stressful part of your home buying voyage. With the right agent by your side, they can let you know what is pretty standard and easy to fix as opposed… Read more »


What is the Home Buying Process?

  You’re going to hear the term “home buying process” once you start googling about how to buy your New Orleans house. What is this process you keep hearing about? It’s a combination of many things. Ultimately, it’s a checklist to go down once you decide to purchase a home.   As your New Orleans… Read more »


What does “As Is” Mean?

  When you begin signing the documents for your New Orleans purchase agreement (aka the contract that says you’re buying the house), you will also have to sign what is called a Waiver of Redhibition. This waiver is also known as the “As-Is clause.” What does “as is” mean? In the state of Louisiana, you are… Read more »