What my Realtor Can & Can’t Say

what my realtor can and can't say




As licensed Realtors in the state of Louisiana, we have rules about what we can and cannot say. Our code of ethics is in place to keep other Realtors from redlining, steering, and blockbusting. Now, it’s not to say that other real estate agents don’t violate this every single day – but Be New Orleans takes it very seriously. Let’s dive into what your Realtor can and cannot say. 



#1. We can’t comment on the safety

Almost every single person we encounter says they want a “safe” neighborhood. I mean, who doesn’t?! But your definition of safe and mine are going to be totally different. Hence, as your Realtor, we cannot comment on the safety of a neighborhood. 

I have listened to other agents say, “This is a really safe neighborhood” to my clients. I zip my mouth because this is 100% a code of ethics violation.

Why can’t we say anything? Not only may we have differing opinions of safety, but what if something happens to you right after you move into the house?

In the city of New Orleans, no neighborhood is 100% crime-free. What you should do is drive around the area – day and night. Go on the weekends too. Check out the police department crime maps. You have an obligation t0 do your own due diligence on the area you’re moving to. 

Editors Note: I lived in one of the more “expensive neighborhoods” in New Orleans and we regularly had car break-ins, stolen vehicles, and armed robberies. It doesn’t matter where you live – keep your wits about you!



#2. We can’t quote prices to fix things

We have been around the block a time or two and have an inkling of what some repairs might cost. However, we don’t give you prices is because there may be more to the problem than we realize. Also, we are not licensed in the field of plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc. 

Moreover, if I gave you a price quote for a repair and it turns out to be double the price later – I bet you won’t be pleased with me. Let’s bring a professional out to get a quote. 




#3. We can’t decide for you

There are days that we know, like we feel it in our bones, that you want us to make some decisions for you. For instance, we recently had a client who desperately wanted us to tell him to buy the house or not. We couldn’t make that decision for him, nor can we make it for you.

This is the time to weigh your pros and cons and figure out if you really want this house or not. 



#4. We can tell you if it’s a “good buy.” 

This falls into the category of things we can say! We have definitely given our clients advice if we think something is overpriced or seems like a bad investment based on their personal situation.

You don’t have to listen to us, but we don’t mind giving you our professional opinion. 




#5. We can tell you if we think it has major issues

Walking around houses all the time has given us a keen eye for potential large issues. We can spot termite damage, water damage, feel foundation issues, and know a shoddy renovation when we see it. 

As your pros that have your back  – we will tell you when we notice these items.



#6. We can tell you about past experiences

While we are selling you a home, we may reference past experiences with different home inspectors and roofers. If our other clients live on the same block as the house you adore, we will mention that too. Heck, we can even introduce y’all so you can ask them questions about the area. 



We have sold a lot of homes in the New Orleans metro area. We use those previous experiences to get better every single day. 

As your New Orleans Realtors, we want you to be as informed as possible. We give you as much information (maybe too much some days) to help you make the best, most educated decision for yourself!



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