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Neighborhood Facebook groups: How the help & how they hurt

  You just moved into your new New Orleans neighborhood and would love to be kept up to date on stuff happening around you. Who doesn’t? That’s what neighborhood Facebook groups are for! I can’t speak for other cities, but neighborhood Facebook groups in New Orleans can get pretty epic. When I say epic, I mean… Read more »


Fully Renovated … Except the foundation

  Since 2015, New Orleans real estate has seen an explosion of fully renovated houses. Listings love to brag about how EVERYTHING was redone! New plumbing! New roof! New electrical! New …..   Welllllll……. not quite everything. These full-blown renovations in New Orleans always tend to leave something out. And it’s almost always the foundation.… Read more »


Pros & Cons of 100% Financing

    You’re finally ready to buy your New Orleans home! Congrats! This is a huge step! You’re also likely wondering “How do I pay for this house?” Well, let’s discuss 100% financing. We are going to set you up with one of our local lenders for you to talk about financing options. (You are allowed to… Read more »