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Navarre New Orleans


The New Orleans neighborhood Navarre is nestled between Lakeview, Lakewood, City Park, and Mid-City. Relatively small, the area provides an awesome opportunity for park accessibility and having coffee shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Navarre is one of the smaller neighborhoods in New Orleans too. One of the highlights of the neighborhood is that the homes are tucked away from the main thoroughfares – so it’s less likely to have people zipping down your street.


Friendly people and diverse architectural styles are the first reasons to love Navarre. Here are some of the businesses that could be your neighbor!

  • Cafe Navarre
  • The Bulldog
  • Rosedale Restaurant
  • Lakeview Brew
  • PJ’s Coffee
  • Homedale Inn
  • Lots-A-Luck Tavern
  • Delgado Playground


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