What’s for sale in the French Quarter

What's for sale in the French Quarter


What’s for sale in the French Quarter? First, let’s talk about life in the Quarter. Raucous, late-night, and passing a good time all are words associated with French Quarter living. While there are parts of the Quarter that are seemingly quieter than others, you can almost always find a tourist or line cook wandering down any street, at any time of the night.

Vieux Carre living is not for the faint of heart. Don’t unpack your bags until you understand that there will be noise. The fracas is not just from bars and nightclubs. This New Orleans neighborhood is full of life, and people, at all times.


One of the amazing things that people don’t talk about enough though is early morning in the Quarter. There is something magical about the French Quarter when wandering around at 7 am. You will find residents watering their balcony plants, reading newspapers in private courtyards, and walking to Arrow Cafe or Cafe Envie for morning coffee. At this time, the drunks are tucked away in bed, the streets are clean, and it feels heavenly.


If you’ve always wanted to make the French Quarter your home, take note that single-family homes are quite costly. Condo living is much more affordable in this area.


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