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So you’ve decided to to do some updating and/renovating to your old New Orleans home? Or maybe you are building a new home but want to incorporate some of the architectural details that New Orleans is known for. However, you feel a little nervous because you don’t want to rely on just doing dumpster dives. (Which for the record – can lead to some extraordinary finds.)

But, back to the task at hand, if only there were stores to go to look for those architectural salvage items your heart desires. Fret not, this is New Orleans and we have fantastic options for you!



Ricca’s Architectural Sales 
511 N. Solomon Street

Are you looking for doors, mantles, hardware, ironwork, stained glass and so much more? Opened in early 1956 by Mr. Peter A. Ricca with the goal of providing hard to find salvaged materials in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Fast forward three generations and Ricca’s is still working to preserve architectural heritage but now also offers new and used building materials. And though they are based right here in New Orleans, they ship all over the country!


Central City

The Bank Architectural Antiques 
1824 Felicity Street

Oooh, you better wear your comfy shoes here! With over 22,000 sq. ft.of architectural antique salvaged building components you have a lot of ground to cover. This local gem has been family owned and operated since 1972. The Bank offers architectural elements and antiques AND you can sell your antiques to them! You know we love our shutters here, they not only give our homes charms and extra style, but they are functional and offer protection from the elements. Sometimes our shutters need attention or maybe you want to add shutters to your home. Trust me on this one go to THE BANK! They strip, repair or replace your original shutters and custom makes shutters using historically correct building methods to your exact specification.


Between St.Roch and the Bywater

The Green Project
2831 Marais Street

Celebrating 25 years of promoting a culture of creative reuse. The Green Project is a donation-based place that not only sells (at roughly 30% to 50% of retail value) used but also educates the value reuse. They have been able to offer affordable materials to the community, host low-cost and free workshops, keep usable goods out of the landfill and nearby waterways, preserve historic architectural pieces and educate residents about environmental issues.

The paint recycling program was the first of it’s kind in the Gulf South. If you have leftover latex or water-based paints that you no longer need, don’t toss them take them to the Green Project. They mix colors making new ones and manage to divert 40,000 gallons of paint from improper disposal in local ecosystems and from unnecessary incineration. The store at the Green Project is fantastic for finding doors, windows, plumbing supplies, bricks, flooring, tile and so much more. Don’t take our word for it, just go!



Happy Shopping Y’all!


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