Closing Time

New Orleans Real Estate Agent


Closing day as finally arrived! What does this even mean?


All the work you’ve been doing to purchase this New Orleans home – the wait is finally over and the day has come that you will get the keys to your new home.


What do I bring so I can officially own this New Orleans home? 

Make sure you have a valid I.D. The closing attorney will need to make sure it’s actually you.

You will need to bring all your money (if you didn’t wire them ahead of time) in certified funds. Go get a cashier’s check from your bank – you cannot use a personal check.


What happens at closing?

Do some wrist and hand stretching before you sit down. You’re going to sign a stack of documents that pertain to your mortgage that state you are committing to this payment and house. You will also sign a document called the “Act of Sale” that actually transfers the property into your name.


What happens after closing?

Whatever you want! This is a perfect time to run to the Sewage and Water Board to get the water transferred into your name. After that, start moving your stuff in! You’re officially a homeowner!


If you’re ready to get to your own closing table – drop me a note below or send us a text! 


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