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When people move to New Orleans and aren’t familiar with our architecture and homes, they tend to be shocked by certain aspects that natives are all accustomed to. As a result, potential home buyers are turned off by our homes. By allowing us to guide you, you will be well-informed and ready to settle into your New Orleans home!

How are New Orleans homes different?


Shotgun Style

The people who say “I’m okay with shotguns that you don’t walk through every room” don’t seem to understand what a shotgun-style home is. Shotgun means you will walk through each room to get to the back of the house.

If the house has a hallway that you don’t have to walk through each room – SURPRISE! It’s not a true shotgun! It’s typically called a “side hall.”

Many old shotguns look the same from the front, but the layout has been adapted as to not walk through each room. This, too, would not be considered a shotgun anymore.



Insulation is not always common in old New Orleans homes. Why? Because the homes here weren’t meant to be sealed completely. These old homes were meant to breathe. Sealing them and spray foaming insulation is a great way to make the wood sweat and cause condensation problems later.

How do you help with the heat and cold? Get rugs and get used to a little bit of heat.


Raised Houses

I had a client not from New Orleans once say our houses “sit on stilts” and he hated it. He only wanted a house on a slab. There are many New Orleanians who would never want a slab house!

But for someone not from here, and not willing to listen to someone from here, he decided he knew better. He ended buying a house with a major foundation issue because HE KNEW BETTER.

Not saying all slab houses have problems (Heck, I have a slab house!) but it is best to discuss with your agent if you feel a lean in the house!



Your AC ducts will sweat. That condensation can cause moisture issues for you. Make sure they are strapped and not sitting on the floor of your attic. Your AC registers will sweat as well. Meaning that many of them get rust spots on them. There is nothing wrong with it (not always, at least) – it’s very common.


Wood Swells

Your wood doors and flooring will swell during the hotter months. These houses were meant to expand and contrast. It might be harder to lock your door in August than in February.


Termite Swarms

Many people don’t understand the New Orleans termite season. From late April to early June, termites will swarm around lights. Just because they swarm around your house does not mean your house is infested with termites.

If you find termite swarms inside, then it could indicate a problem.

Pro tip: Always have a termite contract.


Settlement Issues

New Orleans is on top of a swamp. Every house will have settlement issues. It’s a matter of how bad the foundation is.


Uninsulated Pipes

Because New Orleans doesn’t typically freeze, we have exposed pipes.

What is also means is that when we do freeze, you have to keep water running to prevent your pipes from bursting.


AC can’t keep up

Most HVAC repairmen will tell you that if your house is 20 degrees cooler than it is outside, then you’re doing really well.

Yep. That means when it’s 97 degrees out, your indoor temp at 77 is considering functioning.

We suggest investing in fans if you like things to be colder.


With all this said

You get to live in New Orleans – the greatest city on Earth.


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