Create Your Calm

create your calm


Chances are you are feeling a lot of nervous energy right now. We are in unchartered territory and there are a lot of unknowns.

What I do know is how we process, and approach scary times is up to us.

I am a real estate agent; my job depends on social interactions however I have been reminding myself that with technology much of what I do can be accomplished remotely.

Which made me think – if I feel stressed and am spending more time at home, how can I avoid going down a rabbit hole of social media and news that leaves me feeling worse. So, I have begun to think of ways to create more peace in my home and in my mind. Hopefully, you’ll find something in these ideas that will inspire and you can create your calm.





You know how you said you’d clean everything after Thanksgiving, Christmas and Mardi Gras but you never did? Here’s your chance to start purging.

Plan to tackle every closet, storage space, garage, etc. Depending on the size of your house and how long it’s been since you got real with decluttering, you may need to make a timeline and break it down into daily goals.

No need to overwhelm yourself with trying to do it in a day. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your clutter. But if you stay on task, before you know it, it will be DONE!



Giving is better than receiving so while you are cleaning out closets and household goods don’t forget to put aside items for donations.


Deep Clean



Deep Clean

When the world feels chaotic and full of crud, it feels good to take back some control. Cleaning is a great way to distract yourself from overthinking and worry. Not to mention it’s an activity that gives instant gratification.

Once the cleaning is done, you’ll be amazed at how much better space feels just to be in.  Need some tips on getting your home so fresh & so clean?



Did you know traditional Feng Shui wisdom says blue can slow down your heart and lower your blood pressure? Or that in the green family – pale yellow or beige greens are the most soothing. Hot pinks or fuchsias may increase your stress levels, where a more muted or dusty shade will achieve a more chill vibe.

Maybe you’ve dreamed about transforming your bedroom to the most relaxing haven you could ever imagine. Guess what? Time to turn that dream into your reality. It’s incredible how the stroke of the paintbrush can rejuvenate your space and create an atmosphere of tranquility! You can go into your favorite paint store or even order a color wheel online and start planning.

A few of my top picks for calming colors are:

  • Palladian Blue (Benjamin Moore)
  • Unfussy Beige (Sherwin-Williams)
  • Headspace (Clare)
  • Vert de Terre (Farrow & Ball)
  • Modern Gray (Sherwin-Williams)
  • Inkwell (Sherwin-Williams)
  • Dove White (Benjamin Moore)



Pinterest Board

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Before you can achieve it, you must have a vision of it.

Use this time to start your own virtual vision board. Whether it’s house goals, career goals, fitness goals, financial, travel, etc. put images to your dreams, set your intentions and start manifesting!

Need some ideas to get started? Check out my For the Home Board


Calm writing




Part of what happens to many of us, especially those of us that live alone is we start to feel isolated from the world. With anxiety levels already high, feeling isolated also could put us at risk of falling into depression.

I find sitting down and putting pen to paper is a wonderfully cathartic experience. It puts our energy into words and connects us to others. And who doesn’t love to receive a personal letter or card? This is a double win – you feel good about writing and you know you are about to make the day of the receiver!

Also, don’t hesitate to pick-up the phone, go ahead reach out and touch someone. This is the perfect time to connect with and catch up with your family and friends. You’ll be reminded of how wonderful it is to hear the voice of someone you love.


Polish up your Resume

It’s important to keep an updated resume but it is one of those tasks we tend to put off until we see a job posted. Then we procrastinate so long that we may miss the opportunity to apply.

Use this time to perfect your resume and have a trusted colleague or friend review. Now you’re on top of your game so when your dream job is posted you are ready to land it!

Sometimes creating your calm can come from feeling powerful! Being ready to roll in the employment realm can make lots of us feel empowered.


Calm Reading



I love TV as much as anyone, probably more.

But don’t underestimate the value & impact of reading. Whether it’s for personal or professional development there is always something you could be reading.  Enlist a friend or group of friends and begin a reading challenge.

Don’t love to read? I get it it’s not my strong suit either, however still try and yes magazines count!

Reading forces us to focus, use our imagination and engage differently than watching tv. I’d recommend setting up a reading area in your home. Make that space super cozy and set up a reading routine (hot tea & shortbread cookies anyone?) then you will begin to look forward to and enjoy your reading time!


Grow Something

Nothing gets me out of my head better than digging in the dirt. It’s spring plant flowers, start a container garden or mulch your flower bed.

Whatever it is it feels great to go by a local nursery to buy your supplies, go home and get to work. Soon you’ll be rewarded with beautiful landscaping to enjoy!


Make a Playlist

Creating your calm is always easier with some music. Music is an instant mood changer. Spend some time making a killer playlist that makes you feel GOOD as hell.

I’d go as far as making multiple playlists to appeal to your different moods. One for cleaning, one for relaxing, exercising, gardening, porch sitting-whatever you like to do, have a playlist to enhance the experience.


Calm Walking



The power of fresh air and nature can cure a lot of what ails us. You don’t have to be power walking either, just move at your pace. Take time to breathe in and breathe out, give gratitude for your surroundings and that you are healthy & strong enough to walk.  Sometimes I like to take a walk in silence – so I can take it all in and be present in the moment. But other days, I want to crank up the music, get my heart rate up and maybe even WOBBLE  on the levee.

Creating your calm might just include getting your heart rate up!


Practice Random Acts of Kindness

This one doesn’t have to be a grand gesture – big or small, it all makes a difference.  Some ideas: run errands for someone who can’t, stock-up your local food pantry, foster a dog or a cat from a local shelter or rescue, offer to baby-sit to give people with kids a break or cut your elderly and/or sick neighbors grass.

It’s easy for us to get caught up in our lives, but when we step back and start helping others, it gives us the perspective and gratitude we often need.

It’s our job as humans to protect and take care of each other. Wash your hands, avoid large groups,  and be a responsible & kind community member. We are all in this together.


Create your calm in whatever capacity you see fit. We hope that you can take a nugget of this and find some moments of peace right now.


Team Be New Orleans wants everyone to come out on the other side of this healthy! 



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