Creative Ways to Sell Your Home Quickly

creative ways to sell your home


Sometimes you need to sell your house as fast as possible. Unless your home is just Pinterest perfect and fully loaded, it may not sell as quickly as you were hoping. Here are some creative ways to get your house sold quickly. 



Creative Solution #1: Offer to pay for a year’s worth of flood insurance. 

Depending on the price point of your home, the potential buyer may be scraping together every single last penny to buy your home. Offering a year’s worth of flood insurance upfront may just help them get into the house – especially if the flood insurance is on the higher side. 

They have to pre-pay for the flood insurance, and with limited amounts of cash on hand, this could be what seals the deal!




Creative Solution #2: Landscaping

I know – this sounds like commonsense of house selling. But that curb appeal is EVERYTHING. Sometimes just making your house as adorable as you can from the exterior will have buyers falling in love before they ever step foot through the door. 

When we recommend fresh mulch, planting flowers, and even plant tasing  – do it! Your house sale might be on the line! 



Creative Solution #3: Consultation with an Interior Designer/Decorator

If the house is empty and staging just can’t be done in time, we should think about offering a consultation with an interior designer or decorator. The way a house is designed and decorated can be a huge dealbreaker. Let’s entice these buyers with a service that they may want but wouldn’t pay for on their own. 



Creative Solution #4: Home Warranty

Offering a home warranty on the front end gives a boost of confidence to the people considering your home. They cost about $550 for the minimum coverage – but you could go the extra mile and get one with all the bells and whistles for $700. 


interior designer



Creative Solution #5: Closing Costs

In many areas of New Orleans, closing cost assistance is prevalent ask of home buyers. But, offering it on the front end can make buyers feel better about making an offer. It shows that you know they made need the assistance to buy and that you’re open to getting a deal done! 



Creative Solution #6: Painting Allowance

Whether your home just needs fresh paint or maybe you have particular colors that go with your belongings – let’s not lose a buyer because of this!

We can bring in a painter to give us a quote. After that, we use that quote to offer as a credit to a potential buyer. Paint can get expensive and if they feel they need to re-paint the entire home because you had specific choices, then let’s entice this buyer by offering a paint allowance! 



Creative Solution #7: Offering Condo Dues or HOA fees

Similar to the flood insurance, you could make your home more appetizing by offering to pay for the condo dues for a few months. If your HOA fees are smaller, we suggest offering to cover a year’s worth of these fees for them. 





Creative Solution #8: Have it painted for them

If these pesky paint colors come back to bite you and they want the house painted BEFORE closing, then offer to have it painted in their color choices. Offering to have it painted shows you’re motivated, and you want to sell them your home! 



Creative Solution #9: Twilight Tours/Photos

This one involves your agent scheduling an evening twilight tour and photoshoot of the exterior of your home.

If you have a pool, an elaborate garden, or anything perfect for outdoor entertaining – let’s schedule your home’s photos in the evening time. Not only do we want people to see these incredible photos, but we want them to see it in person too. Make it look it’s very best so people can envision themselves out on the lanai! 



Looking for creative ways to sell your home is a big piece of the puzzle when we are in a buyer’s market or if your place juts needs that little something extra.

While these tactics won’t work for every house – they could work for you! 



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