Do you recommend getting a home inspection?

do you recommend getting a home inspection


Do you recommend getting a home inspection? That’s the question for today. My overwhelming, resounding, shout it from the rooftops answer is YES!!!

Without a shadow of a doubt, you should 100% get a home inspection on the house you intend on buying.


why get a home inspection


Why do you recommend getting a home inspection?

Gather round for a quick story! We once had a client who was buying a house that was allegedly fully renovated. ALLEGEDLY. It looked ok on the surface, but the home inspection told us a completely different story.

The house was advertised as having a new roof, a new foundation, and all new plumbing. Wanna guess what it didn’t have?! NONE OF THOSE THINGS. NONE.

The seller of the house had previously paid a contractor to complete the “renovation”. To make a long story short – the contractor took the money, did a half-ass job, and disappeared.

Without our client paying for a home inspection, these issues would not have been discovered until it was too late. Crisis averted.


Want another reason we recommend a home inspection? 

Another client of ours made an offer on a house that was also “fully renovated.” It looked ok, but something seemed off to us. We just weren’t completely sold on this house.

When the home inspector arrived, he informed us that the house was actually a mobile home. The seller of the house was a house flipper and was trying to hide this fact from us.

YEP. That happened. We canceled the sale and moved on.


Other inspections



Are there any other inspections you recommend? 

Yes, there are two other inspections we recommend. You should get a video pipe and termite inspection as well.

A video pipe inspection will determine if you have any breaks, cracks, or leaks in your sewage lines.

The termite or the wood-destroying insect inspection looks for bugs that like to eat… you guessed it… wood.

We have seen termites in homes that were just built a month ago. We have seen termites in homes that have termite contracts. This inspection is very important.

As your real estate agents, we think the video pipe inspection is critical. Countless times we have seen busted sewage lines that the homeowner had no clue about. This one inspection can save you thousands of dollars.


What if I don’t want a home inspection?

We really don’t advise you to skip home inspections. Another bad idea is having your friend’s uncle who is a contractor on the weekends to perform your home inspection either.

If you opt-out of home inspections, we will have you sign a document stating that you are doing so against our recommendation.


who do you recommend


Who should I use for home inspections? 

Don’t worry  – we have recommendations! You are always free to choose whomever you’d like. But, since we have sat through over 100 of these, we can tell you who we love and who we don’t think does the very best job.



If you’re wondering what happens after inspections – that’s we ask for repairs or a possible price reduction. Everything is dependant on the property inspection report.

TL;DR : Yes, we recommend getting a home inspection. 


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