Do’s & Don’ts When Home Selling

Do's & Don'ts When Home Selling


Is it time to sell your New Orleans home? Great! But…. what happens next? There are many do’s & don’ts when home selling!

From hiring a professional to making your mortgage payments, all you need to do is follow our guide to make sure you have a successful transaction!


The Home Selling Do’s 

  • Do hire a Realtor®
  • Do start the decluttering and purging process
  • Do touch up any chipped paint
  • Do a top to bottom cleaning
  • Do be realistic about the condition of your home
  • Do provide easy access for showings
  • Do check out your home online (make sure the photos are great & info is accurate!)
  • Do consider getting your home staged


The Home Selling Don’ts

  • Don’t miss any mortgage payments
  • Don’t stick around when buyers come to see the house
  • Don’t get offended if buyers don’t give feedback or say they’re not interested
  • Don’t overprice the house
  • Don’t assume that the only time to sell is in the spring
  • Don’t forget to keep utilities on


We know that selling your home can be emotional and stressful. Keep in mind, we are selling the home and not your memories. These do’s and don’ts when home selling are easy to follow with your great New Orleans Realtors by your side.

Team Be New Orleans is going to do a lot more to get your house sold than snap some photos and put a sign in the yard.


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