Dual Agency: Why it’s a bad idea

dual agency


What is dual agency?


“Yeah, I just called the agent on the sign in front of the house. They sold me the house.”

The agent on the sign was hired to protect the sellers – not you. 

When a real estate agent works for the seller and the buyer, it is called dual agency. The Be New Orleans team would love to tell you why that’s a bad idea.


The listing agent was hired by the sellers to get them the MOST money. 

Why would you want to work for someone who is already working for the seller? If we represent you – the seller – we still work hard at finding a buyer for your home. We promise that we won’t represent them though. We refer them to another agent.

(If you were getting a divorce, would you hire the same attorney as your spouse?)

We will show your home to any potential buyers that want to see it. But, we will NEVER write an offer for them or represent them in any way, shape, or form.


We don’t even think this should be legal. That’s how sketchy dual agency is. 

Get your own amazing real estate agent. A buyers agent doesn’t cost you a dime. So, why wouldn’t you hire someone to protect you, your interests, and your money?


Dual agents are the ones who get sued the most. 

Think that’s a coincidence? It’s not. Almost every time this happens, someone feels like they weren’t represented fully.


What if I like a listing you already have? 

We are glad you love it! We are then going to refer you to another REALTOR® to represent you. If you even want to see something that we have listed, we remind you that we don’t practice dual agency and that we will have to hand you off to another real estate agent.

Trust us, it’s for your best interests.


Want to avoid this? 

Good. We don’t like dual agency either. The easiest way to avoid it is by hiring your own agent ahead of time.


Here at Be New Orleans, we not only believe it’s a bad idea, but we think that agents who practice this often are kind of the worst.


Don’t find yourself in a situation with an agent who is not taking care of you. And ask ahead of time if they practice dual agency and why they do. It’s usually greed but they don’t say that out loud.


Ready to work an agent who looks out for you? Drop your info below or text us! 



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