First Time Home Buyer Classes

First time home buyer classes


Want to learn about first time home buyer classes in New Orleans? 

Not all first time home buyer classes are the same. If you have to pay for the class, you should speak with a lender BEFORE doing that. Some classes are for you to qualify for specific downpayment assistance. The problem with that is, you may not qualify for that program for other reasons. Don’t waste your money!


Our first time home buyers class is for anyone thinking about home buying in New Orleans – even if you’re a couple of years away.

We are a no-pressure kind of real estate agents and we love giving people great information so they can make informed decisions.


We will teach you how to get your credit score higher, how much money you will need, and how the whole home buying process even works here in New Orleans.


Over a third of the people who attend have made their first home purchase within a year! They just didn’t know where to start.

You can start by joining us at our next event!


Send your info to reserve a seat in the next first time home buyers happy hour! Or send a text! 



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